Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 6- Final Summary

The thirteenth Tuesday had come around, they (Mitch and Morrie) talked about what Morrie’s perfect day would be. It was described as a perfect day to Morrie, but seemed like a normal day to Mitch, and then Mitch finally understood the point of his perfect day. Morrie decided that he wanted to be cremated, and he was coughing almost all the time. The fourteenth Tuesday had also came, and Morrie and Mitch had said there goodbyes. Morrie could barely talk, and was sleeping most of the time. He died on Saturday, with his immediate family with him. His funeral was on a Tuesday, a small funeral with close friends and family.

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Claire said...

Humm a lil choppy. but very good. you probly could give it more depth. but i understand. you were straight to the point. for sure. you make your book sound really interesting. good job kels bells!