Saturday, October 13, 2007

Week 5- Part 2

Mitch came to visit Morrie (the 10th Tuesday). Mitch brought along his wife Janine. The disease had just begun to hit Morrie's lungs. He was almost on full oxygen through the night, and eating mostly liquid supplements, and eating it through a straw. This Tuesday they talked about marriage. Morrie explained that in Mitch's generation people are getting divorced more often than before. People are either too selfish or rush into marriage and end up getting divorced quickly. The next Tuesday (the 11th Tuesday), the talked about culture. The disease has taken over more of his lungs. Morrie explained to Mitch about culture, about how people are only mean when they are threatened. Night Line had came back for the third and last interview, and the 12th Tuesday they had talked about forgiveness. He explained that people need to forgive other people and yourself. Forgiving yourself about the things you didn't do, and not to wait to start forgiving people.
My reaction to this section of reading is that this is very sad. Morrie is decaying quickly. When they had started this television interviews about a little bit after he had been diagnosed with ALS, he was still able to eat real food, and now the disease had hit his lungs, and all he is eating is liquid supplements. That happened in six months. When it progresses to the lungs, he will not be able to breath, and then he will die. He used to be able to dance and move around, now he is stuck in his chair or bed. He can not walk and lift his arm above his halfway up his belly. It is sad what ALS does to people’s body. The conversations that Mitch and Morrie have are really interesting, like how he said to Mitch that people not only have to forgive other people but also themselves.

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Ali said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog and your book looks very interesting. Great job at summarizing this section- it's very detailed and precise. I actually can follow the story line pretty well with only the summaries even though I have never read the actual book. Your reaction shows your knowledge of the subject, which contributes to how well you can relate to the book even though this will probably never happen to you. Somethings you could work on for future blogs is putting the title and author at the top of the blog ,and also, you could make ideas flow with one another another- maybe by adding a few transitional words. Great Job!