Friday, December 14, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week 5- Post B

Throughout this section of reading, a new lead in the Skell case has been discovered. With help from the kidnapping case of Shannon Dockery, Carpenter discovered were pictures had been taken of Shannon and her father Tram Dockery at a fast food chain. These pictures were taken when they ordered from the drive thru. The orders had been taken from a company who took orders from multiple fast food places around the state. With these pictures the owner of the company finds his new victims for kidnapping cases or murders. Jack and FBI agents have linked the owner Paul Coffen to Simon Skell and the other men in the kidnappings. They are going to go talk to Paul Coffen and see if he will give up the location of Melinda who is still alive, but being held hostage in somebody’s closet.

Outside Reading Book- Week 5- Post A

One emerging theme in the book is loneliness, because Jack Carpenter does not have any friends in the book, and is divorced.
"I'd found him"(235). Jack Carpenter has identified the another person in the group of killers. This is leading to the finding of Melinda, who is still alive.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week 4- Post B

‘”Skell may have won this battle, but he won’t win the war’” (172). While Jack Carpenter was in Tampa, the police charged Ernesto for the murder of Carmella Lopez. The murder that Simon Skell went to prison for, so Simon Skell and his lawyer are in the process of getting Skell out of Jail. Jack has found a new lead in the old case that might still give them enough evidence to keep Skell in jail. Carpenter is now investigating this lead on Nash Bash, who he believes is associated with Skell and the killings. Along with two other people that help Bash and Skell torture and murder women. Bash, Skell, and two people all have their own different jobs, like one finds the women who they are going to torture and murder. Due to this new lead, Skell may be released from prison, but the police are going to have a twenty four hour watch. So Jack could still put him back into prison if he can find more evidence.

Outside Reading Book- Week 4- Post A

One emerging theme is kidnapping because two girls have got kidnapped in the book.

‘“Skell may have won this battle, but he won’t win the war”’(172). This is important because Skell is getting out of jail, but the police are still watching him, and trying to build a stronger case against him.

Outside Reading Book- Week 3- Post B

“I needed to regroup and come up with another strategy” (145). Jack Carpenter, the main character, has been in a lot of situations through out the book. From those situations he has always made plans for his method of attack, and some how most of these plans have failed him. When something in his life goes wrong, he always thinks of another strategy to try to finish what he had started. Also, “Joy had punched her attacker as he’d killed her” (140). Jack’s life has changed dramatically from this last couple of sections of the book. His life used to be his own rules, and he could sort of do whatever he wanted to. Now his main witnesses in the Skell case have been murdered, or gone missing. He only has a couple of clues about it, how that they recently had been having some cable problems, and had some cable guys come out to look at the cable, and also another clue is that they drive a white van. Which that van had been shooting at Jack driving down the highway. Due to these recent murders and Simon Skell is coming closer to being released from prison. Jack has to figure out the Skell case, the murders and his life.