Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sea Inside- post 1

I was shocked that Ramon actually got help from his friends to commit suicide, because all of the times he was going to and it didn’t happen. When the book was published Julia said that she would bring him the first copy of the book and then that would be the day that he would die. She mailed him a copy therefore extending his day of death. It seemed like he would not get help from people. I think it is wrong that he asked for assisted suicide, because I think it is wrong because he was going to end his life and he should be happy that he is alive. I thought that the court’s response was the correct response, and I don’t think that what Ramon did was the right thing. He should not have killed himself, because he had a life, he could still talk to his family and friends. He also had people who cared about him. His friends, who agreed to help him with his death, did the wrong thing. They were assisting to murder, and I do not believe that that was the right thing to do.

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