Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sea Inside post 3

In The Sea Inside, they directors used films of shots like high angle. They used high angle and low angle when Julia was talking to Ramon. There was a close up on Ramon’s face and alternating between Ramon and Julia. Using high angle, it made Ramon seem a little less important, and using the low angle it made Julia look taller. It seemed like she was more important than Ramon. Also, in the beginning of the movie they used fire hosing, which made it feel first person, and that the audience was in the movie. This was important because it made the movie feel more real. Another shot/ film technique that the director used was the extreme close ups. By using extreme close ups, people watching the movie could see the actors emotions, which helped throughout the movie to show how the affect of assisted suicide on the family members and friends. Throughout the movie the director used many techniques which helped the message of the movie be told.

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