Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 10 about The Midnight Rambler

Top Ten The Midnight Rambler:
These are not in specific order.

1) Jack Carpenter:
He is the Main Character who is an ex-cop. He is still working on the case that he was taken off the police fore. That case was personal because Simon Skell and his group was killing girls who Jack knew and who he had helped straighten out the girls’ lives.

2) Simon Skell:
A killer that Jack Carpenter beat up and put him into jail for the murder of Carmella Lopez. He and Paul Coffen, Jonny Perez, and Neil Bash killed girls. During the book Simon Skell is in prison and almost ready to get out of jail. Once he was released they tried to kill a girl Melinda which led to Simon’s death.

3) Ken Linderman:
Ken Linderman is an FBI agent who helps Jack Carpenter. Ken believes that Simon Skell killed those girls and he also believes that Skell killed his daughter. Through out the book Linderman and Carpenter compare evidence to try to figure out the murders.

4) The kidnapping of Shannon Dockery:
The kidnapping of Shannon Dockery was a huge lead into the Simon Skell case. With this kidnapping Jack Carpenter found out how Skell, Perez, Coffen, and Bash were picking their victims, through pictures taken at a local fast food chain.

5) Melinda:
Melinda was another huge character in The Midnight Rambler. She was kidnapped by Simon Skell, because of this she helped to the end of Simon Skell being killed. Without her kidnapping, Simon Skell could have been alive at the end of the book.

6) Jonny Perez:
Jonny Perez worked with Simon Skell. He would kidnap the girls and dump their bodies. He is still alive and ready to kill at the end of the book. He escaped from Jack Carpenter when he was fighting Simon Skell in the last part of the book.

7) The Girl’s Funerals
The girl’s funeral was a big thing, it left the possibility of more murders because Jonny Perez was missing, but due to the tape recording of the song Midnight Rambler live version by The Rolling Stones.

8) The Murder of Carmella Lopez:
The murder of Carmella Lopez sent Simon Skell to jail, and also released him from jail, because they arrested another guy named Ernesto for the murder of him. Which got Simon released from jail, even though Ernesto did not kill Carmella.

9) Paul Coffen
Paul Coffen worked with Simon Skell on the killings. Paul owned the company which took orders from the fast food chain. With those pictures Paul chose the victims, and then Perez would kidnap them.

10) Neil Bash
Neil Bash is a radio dj, who helped Simon Skell with the murders. He would have the people closest to Jack Carpenter, come on the radio and Bash would interview them. He would twist around their words so it made Jack Carpenter sound worse.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

week 7- post b

This section of reading has been the best section of the book. The suspense has been killer. Jack Carpenter, the main character has been on a hunt to track down Melinda. Through interviewing one member of the group of murders. It leads them on a chase to find the other members. Three of the four men were killed, the one that is still alive and his where abouts are unknown. The last final pages of the book were a battle between Perez, Skell and Carpenter. In the ocean, Skell and Carpenter had a fight, and Skell was killed by a lemon shark, and Perez escaped. Carpenter saved Melinda, and a team of divers had found the other girls’ bodies Skell, Bash, Perez and Coffen had killed. They found the bodies of Chantel, Maggie, Carmen, Jen, Krista, Brie, and Lola. Jack had the girls buried, and while he and his family were at the cemetery he realized that Perez was still alive and ready to kill again by a cassette player that was left in his car. It contained a tape of the recording of the Midnight Rambler the live version by The Rolling Stones, which is the song Skell, Bash, Perez and Coffen would play when they were torturing and killing the girls.

Week 7- Post A

Torrent(305)- a violent or overwhelming flow.
Frisked(300- a search for something concealed like a weapon.
‘”over the past six months, Perez took his boat out many times, always when it was late at night”’(334). That was when Perez would dump the girls’ bodies in the ocean, and Jack thought that his thought about Perez dumping the girls’ bodies in the ocean was right.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Outside Reading Book- Week 6- Post B

Throughout this section of reading, there have been many new leads, and evidence introduced into the story. Jack Carpenter has found two men involved with Skell and the murders. Through questioning, Jack had found out that Melinda is being held at the other man Jonny’s house. Two men of Skell’s have been killed, Bash and Coffen. Bash, the radio dj, and Coffen the owner of the company that was taking the orders for the fast food chain. They are about to go to Jonny’s house to try to find Melinda.

Outside Reading Book- Week 6- Post A

One emerging theme in the book is death, because there have been two deaths in the past 50 pages.
Ramification (293)- the consequences complicating a problem, or plan.
Solemnly(297)- grave as a person, speech or tone.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week 5- Post B

Throughout this section of reading, a new lead in the Skell case has been discovered. With help from the kidnapping case of Shannon Dockery, Carpenter discovered were pictures had been taken of Shannon and her father Tram Dockery at a fast food chain. These pictures were taken when they ordered from the drive thru. The orders had been taken from a company who took orders from multiple fast food places around the state. With these pictures the owner of the company finds his new victims for kidnapping cases or murders. Jack and FBI agents have linked the owner Paul Coffen to Simon Skell and the other men in the kidnappings. They are going to go talk to Paul Coffen and see if he will give up the location of Melinda who is still alive, but being held hostage in somebody’s closet.

Outside Reading Book- Week 5- Post A

One emerging theme in the book is loneliness, because Jack Carpenter does not have any friends in the book, and is divorced.
"I'd found him"(235). Jack Carpenter has identified the another person in the group of killers. This is leading to the finding of Melinda, who is still alive.