Tuesday, January 15, 2008

week 7- post b

This section of reading has been the best section of the book. The suspense has been killer. Jack Carpenter, the main character has been on a hunt to track down Melinda. Through interviewing one member of the group of murders. It leads them on a chase to find the other members. Three of the four men were killed, the one that is still alive and his where abouts are unknown. The last final pages of the book were a battle between Perez, Skell and Carpenter. In the ocean, Skell and Carpenter had a fight, and Skell was killed by a lemon shark, and Perez escaped. Carpenter saved Melinda, and a team of divers had found the other girls’ bodies Skell, Bash, Perez and Coffen had killed. They found the bodies of Chantel, Maggie, Carmen, Jen, Krista, Brie, and Lola. Jack had the girls buried, and while he and his family were at the cemetery he realized that Perez was still alive and ready to kill again by a cassette player that was left in his car. It contained a tape of the recording of the Midnight Rambler the live version by The Rolling Stones, which is the song Skell, Bash, Perez and Coffen would play when they were torturing and killing the girls.

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