Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week One- Post B

The Book Midnight Rambler has some interesting characters. The main character Jack Carpenter is a former cop who resigned after he beat up suspect Simon Skell. Skell went to trial and was convicted for the murder of Carmella Lopez. Having the Skell case be his last case, he is obsessed with it, still trying to figure out what happened and if he was correct with his thinking of the murder. Carpenter, was known for his temper, and now always seems to be in trouble with the police. For example, when detective Bobby Russo had Carpenter arrested for trespassing, Jack got off the handcuffs and threw them down on Russo’s car. “If there’s one thing that’s gotten me in trouble, it’s my temper. I walked down to the street and located Russo’s car, a black Suburban. I tossed the cuffs onto the hood, causing a sizeable dent” (39). Also, Jack does not have a job. He gets hired by detectives when needed to help with cases and gets paid under the table. Not only is the other things in his life are bad, he also is lonely. He is divorced, and his daughter is in college. I believe that in this book, Jack Carpenter will get into a lot of trouble with the police, and maybe go to jail for a while because of his temper. I also believe that he will try to get his old career back together, and get another job by trying to figure out the Skell case again.

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