Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week 2- Post B

“If Skell walks, he’ll come after you” (86). This quote was said by FBI agent Linderman. Linderman has been watching Skell for a while, and he wanted to go over the notes, witness statements and other facts of the case with Carpenter. Since Carpenter put Skell in prison for the murder of Carmella Lopez, Linderman states that Skell might want to hurt or kill Carpenter if he gets out of jail. If Skell gets out of jail, he could kill Carpenter, and if Carpenter dies, would Skell kill all of the other people involved with the case too? If this quote was not put in the book, there would not be suspense, and this is an important quote because it is a turning point. Before Carpenter was doing random jobs, and had no steady income. He was lonely due to the fact that he was divorced and his daughter was in college and his life was full of hiding from the police due to his temper and is now turning to a life of hiding from the cops and now probably hiding from Skell too. Now with the possibility of Skell getting out of jail, how will this affect Carpenter’s life because of Skell coming after Carpenter. Would he go into hiding, or do something else that would affect his life. Will Skell find the key witness from his case that is hiding out of fear of her being attacked or killed?

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