Sunday, September 30, 2007

Section 1 Summary

Mitch graduated from college, and promised to keep in touch with his professor Morrie. Morrie loved to dance, and later that year, he had to stop and he knew that something was wrong. In Morrie's 60s he developed ashtma, in his 70s he had trouble walking. He went to the doctor, and the doctors preformed all these tests, and everything was fine, but Morrie knew that everything wasnt fine. Then they did a test of the muscles, and diagnosed him with ALS. His health declined and he got weaker until he could not drice anymore. Then he had to use a cane, and started teaching his last class. Less than two years later, he found himself weaker and he had to trade his cane in for a walker, then he could not support himself anylonger and had to trade his walker in for a wheelchair. Morrie had a friend die, and he decided that he wanted to have a living funeral. Mitch had graduated, and had broken dreams of becoming a musician. He finally gave up his dream of becoming a musician and became a sports writer for a newspaper. He was flipping through the television and found out that his old professor had ALS, and Mitch flew to go visit Morrie.
Its really sad about how ALS decays your body, and how that it decays your muscles that you need help going to the bathroom and eating and normal things that people do every day.

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