Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 Loaded Words (From Section 2)

1. Normal- Normal is loaded becuase there is not one definiton of normal, there is not a set normal. - p. 48- The author is using normal because it is describing a clothing, and there are many ways to describe different types of clothes.
2. Self-pitty- Self-pitty is loaded because people think negativly of people who self-pitty themselves.-p. 57- The author is using self-pitty because the person is totally opposite, he does not self-pitty himself even though he is dying.
3. Teenage- Teenage is loaded because when people hear the word teenage or teenagers they automatically thing bad things.-p.58- The author uses teenage because he is describing a story about two teenage girls.
4. Trailer Home- Trailer home is a loaded word because when people hear this they automatically think about the people living in them being poor. p. 58- The author uses trailer home because he is describing a story that involves a trailer home.
5. Death- Death is loaded because people might assume that it is a trajic insident. -p. 59- The author is describing the professor Morrie, and how he is almost nearing death.
6. Rage- Rage is loaded because when people think of rage they think of bad things.-p.60-The author uses it for a good reason, describing the latest thing in the culture, not a violent rage.
7. Unusual- Unusual is loaded because its just like normal, there is no normal/usual thing, everything is different.-p.60-The author uses unusual because there is not a usual sociology class.
8. Rich- Rich is loaded because when people think of rich people they think of snotty and selfish people, but there are some rich people who are also very kind and nice.-p.33-The author uses rich because he is describing how when he was in college he used to think all rich people were evil.
9. Freedom- Freedom is loaded because not everybody has the freedom to do everything they want, and it is not all the same for everybody.-p.33- The author uses freedom, because back in his college days he used to think about older people and how they did not have alot of freedom to do what they want whenever they want becuase they have to work.
10. Young- Young is loaded because people automatically thinking about young kids/adults.-p.34-The author uses young because he is discribing his younger years.

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