Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Book- Week 4- Post B

‘”Skell may have won this battle, but he won’t win the war’” (172). While Jack Carpenter was in Tampa, the police charged Ernesto for the murder of Carmella Lopez. The murder that Simon Skell went to prison for, so Simon Skell and his lawyer are in the process of getting Skell out of Jail. Jack has found a new lead in the old case that might still give them enough evidence to keep Skell in jail. Carpenter is now investigating this lead on Nash Bash, who he believes is associated with Skell and the killings. Along with two other people that help Bash and Skell torture and murder women. Bash, Skell, and two people all have their own different jobs, like one finds the women who they are going to torture and murder. Due to this new lead, Skell may be released from prison, but the police are going to have a twenty four hour watch. So Jack could still put him back into prison if he can find more evidence.

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